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Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Better Your Health

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Better Your Health

When starting your own business you are full of emotions. With the number one emotion most likely being adrenaline. We all know adrenaline gives us our superpowers. It motivates us to sustain our day. Later leading us to a lack of nutrition and hydration. Early on it goes unnoticed, you’re too busy running the business. Before you know it, you crash. Not only does the physical endurance run out so does the business’s momentum. You no longer have the stamina nor the energy to move forward. Some tasks start falling through the cracks or there just isn’t enough time in your day. That’s when you stop and have that light bulb moment “what now”.

I‘m here to offer assistance, virtual assistance that is. Avoid getting to that point. A virtual assistant can help you evade that crash. By delegating the tasks, you either don’t like doing or don’t have time to do, to someone else who is fully capable of doing them, you will have the time to concentrate on the areas of your business and your health that need YOUR attention. Freeing up your time works two-fold, it helps you do what you are good at, and also makes sure you have time to eat properly, hydrate and exercise so you physically can manage the growth of your business.

Stress is controlled when you manage your time. Stress is one of the number one underlying conditions to avoid, assuring long life. Stop thinking you need to do it all yourself. Having an assistant you can rely on is beneficial to your health. To have your marketing, customer service, social media, and much more handled for you, allowing you to keep your eye on the prize, a successful business.

Your virtual assistant will not be your direct employee. They are an independent contractor. Eliminating, benefits and payroll diminishes the stress that comes along with managing an office staff.

Most likely, your virtual assistant will have a network of clients and contacts that may be beneficial to future projects you may have. If there are tasks that come up as your business grows, your virtual assistant may not have the skills for that task but has a trustworthy network of VAs that can accomplish your goals. Stress and anxiety relief for sure.

Once you find that trusted Virtual Assistant, they become a strategic team member. You can utilize them to brainstorm ideas, engage with clients, or have someone oversee your business when away. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cell phone or laptop-free vacation? That’s what I call the ultimate stress reliever.

Doesn’t this sound like a little slice of heaven having a work/life balance? If having a virtual assistant is something you want to look into, let’s connect and chat.

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