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Get Your Time Back!

   Hire a Virtual Expert®

Get Your Time Back! 

Hire a Virtual Expert®

Are you a Kajabi user that would love more time? 

Time for you, time for your clients, time for anything you want!

Partnering with a Kajabi Specialist that is a Certified Virtual Expert® can help expand your presence in the online world. All while allowing you a better work-life balance. 

BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist

How do you get there?

Getting your business up and running is a huge endeavor. In the beginning, you want to use as few resources as possible, then when you start ramping up, you invest in the future of your business. Hiring out the time-consuming tasks that someone else can do, will help you leverage your power to scale your business.  I have three paths to help you get where you want to be. 




Three paths to explore:

Inspire, Educate, and Deliver

In your profession, you truly want to do what you do best, share your knowledge with the people who are looking for answers on their journey. 

So why spend time on your computer doing the tasks that you can outsource to someone that can get them done in half the time. Leaving you valuable time to help inspire, educate, and deliver your knowledge to those seeking it. Doing this allows you to increase your business while increasing your profitability. 

Rochelle Reeves / Kajabi Specialist
BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist

Kajabi is helping to change the world!


If you are contemplating starting with Kajabi, download my copy of:


"5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting with Kajabi!"

My Commitment

You and I together will be committed to growing your business with Kajabi. To carry out this philosophy, I work with a select group of entrepreneurs, such as yourself to make sure that you get the level of service you deserve. 

 With a Virtual Expert®, everything gets done efficiently and expeditiously, freeing your time to deliver your expertise. 

I have years of experience demonstrating my integrity to my clients with everything I do. I am responsive, reliable and will make sure your time with me will feel like money well spent. 


Together we can get you there with the virtual support you are looking to find.  

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