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Hi, I’m Rochelle!

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals for your business with Kajabi.

BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist

Certified Virtual Expert®

Partnering with professionals to get their Kajabi platform working for them.

I am committed to helping coaches, authors, speakers, functional medicine practitioners, and all members of the Kajabi family to expand their web presence while increasing profitability which will allow you to spend more time with the people who are looking to you for help. 

Rochelle Reeves Virtual Expert® Certification

Why I am the right person to help you:


Everything I accomplished is tied to one common skill Customer Service. I am someone that assures her clients that all is done accurately and efficiently. As a result, I had success in sales, marketing, as well as customer service.

I lead my life with integrity, to me without that you have nothing. So as life moves along, giving you its ups and downs, I also believe without your health you have nothing.

That is why I chose to take my passions and my experience, and partner with those that can make a difference. I want to help all entrepreneurs, manage and grow their businesses while their clients get the attention they need. 

The Internet is full of information for people to educate themselves; I just want to get good viable content out there that could change people’s lives.

I can take away the creation, building, and marketing of your Kajabi business, the items that keep you from doing YOUR work. The tasks that don’t create income should be outsourced so you can stay focused on your clients. 

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My journey to becoming a Virtual Expert®: 


Like all journeys, mine has taken many different directions, professionally as well as personally. 

My professional journey has included the travel industry, software sales, real estate sales, and surgical services.  All these fields involved helping people in some fashion, as a result, they went on to attain their dreams and successes. I am hardworking and dependable.

Facing an injury and other health challenges, I quickly realized that a change in my path was inevitable. So, the inner soul searching began.

With my downtime, I got involved in researching, looking for answers to help my day-to-day life, as I consulted with various experts and sought treatments just to feel better.  This is where the passion started. I read and listen to everything I can relating to today’s views on health and wellness.

BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist
Relax with Family BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist

While working in the healthcare field it opened my eyes to how traditional western medicine works, then discovered for myself that there is a lot to be said for other practices that have been around forever, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc. 

Becoming a Virtual Expert ® allows me to offer support virtually to those in the health and wellness community to get their message out. 

Through my journey, I have grown to understand how our health is integrated with so many other aspects of life. 

I live in Michigan and work from my home looking out at Lake St. Clair. This is part of my self-care. This is the best office I could have. Being able to have no commute works excellent for me. With all my previous jobs; I totally disliked the daily grind of the drive. No more rain, sleet, or snow to worry about for me. This is one BIG thing to me that allows me to stay more focused on the tasks for the day as I grow my business from home.

Another BIG reason I do what I do, I have one beautiful daughter and a wonderful little grandson that are my life. This is the “why” that keeps me focused on my business. As a Virtual Expert®, I can work from anywhere. My grandson, Anderson is going to grow so fast. At this time they live out of state, so I can be available for my family whenever and wherever I’m needed. 

Where are we off to next!

My long-time boyfriend and I also love to travel.  We take multiple trips annually to enhance our thirst for seeing this very small world and to put our toes on as many beaches as we can. I find this an integral part of maintaining a life-work balance.


Vacation selfcare BeEverythingVirtual Rochelle Reeves Kajabi Specialist

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