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7 Features Making Kajabi Your Best Choice

7 Features Making Kajabi Your Best Choice

1. Kajabi is going to be all you need to get your business up, running, and growing into what you dream it to be. One platform for everything, it will include your website, sales pages, offers, products, courses, memberships, pipelines, email list, and marketing. Yes, all in one spot, can you believe it?

2. The onboarding Kajabi experience is off the chart. Kajabi does have some complicated processes so in a bind you may have to contact their support. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and most of all, patient. Recognizing that new users have a learning curve, they are there to help 24/7. The follow-up has made me feel, as they are part of my team.

3. 24 /7 live chat support whenever you need help, they are available. So those late nights or weekends, trying to meet deadlines, they will be there. No submitting requests and waiting for days to hear back from them. However, this is available only on the upgraded versions, but well worth it. Instead of wasting time trying to figure things out yourself, Kajabi has your back.

4. If you have courses to offer, Kajabi has the flexibility you are looking for. There is a lot of customization available for your pages. Multiple themes to use throughout, allowing you to create courses that are unique and inviting to the user. This will set you apart from all the other products on the Internet.

5. The Kajabi Pipelines, known before Kajabi as sales funnels, again offering a variety of customizations. They really make funnels fun and easy. Their templates make building your pipeline quick and simple. Just have your content ready and get going. It walks you through creating your landing page, adding your email sequence and on to your webinar, freebie, and thank you page, whichever you choose. If you want to create your own, you can do that too.

6. Kajabi automations are powerful tools. Setting them up to track the needs of your business is endless. Adding email sequences, triggers, tags, and more to see the progress of your efforts is key. Watch the progress of the user, the clicks on your pages, the completion of the courses; again your creativity is limitless.

7. Kajabi’s checkout has gotten a bad rap, but it is what you make it. You can customize the process, have reminders, or upsell, and add order bumps, all in one checkout experience. No sales pitch, or hard sell, the decision is theirs to make.

There it is, with these 7 reasons, Kajabi is the platform you have been looking for. Plus they have a free trial available for you to check out. What do you have to lose? Well, maybe multiple subscriptions to multiple programs. You may even save money. Check it out!

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