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5 Expectations Virtual Expert® vs. Virtual Assistant

5 Expectations of Hiring a Virtual Expert®

The definition of virtual can be read as having most of the properties, the appearance of, almost or not formally recognized.

An assistant is defined as a high-level skilled professional who provides administrative, technical, and/or creative business support services.

The important word here is “Expert”. To define an expert is to be an individual that possesses full and reliable knowledge or skills in specific areas.

With that being said, when hiring a virtual assistant you know it is important to interview and find the right person with specific skills you need to save you time. Unfortunately, anyone with a keyboard can claim to be an assistant and say they have the skills. Delivering those skills is another story. To manage your business without spending time micromanaging others is key. Hiring a Virtual Expert ® will accomplish that goal.

In hiring a Virtual Expert ® this is what to expect:

1. Professionalism- you will receive a level of professionalism that you would expect from someone that has been in business and knows what is necessary to conduct themselves in a manner that business owners would expect.

2. Proactive mindset- the individual you will work with is there to help grow your business. Getting to know you and your business is what they do, identifying and preventing potential issues is priceless to you.

3. Specific Knowledge- VEs can specialize in certain fields such as real estate, social media, legal, project management, event planning, e-commerce, or research. They can also specialize in their skills. VE’s can concentrate their skills to be specific to web design, graphic design, writing, blogging, email management, calendar management, and any other tasks that can be accomplished virtually.

4. Experience – VE’s have had full careers, providing a complete understanding of business that has prepared them for being business owners themselves.

5. Training and Certification- Most importantly, a Virtual Expert® has made the commitment to a high-level training program and continuing education. This enables them to obtain and retain a certification that holds them to a higher level of service.

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