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Ask Me Anything Hour


This hour is designed to have you ask the questions you need to move forward with Kajabi. You prepare your questions ahead of time and then we will go through them together and get you moving in the right direction.

This hour will also help you see the integrity I bring to my business and clearly what to help you succeed with Kajabi.



Meet Me In The Middle


This package is designed for us to work together to accomplish your goals with Kajabi. You are completing the work as we go and I will be there as your support.


We will work together for 60 days.

During this time we will get your Kajabi platform up and running and your business going. 



Just Do It For Me


This allows you to hand everything off to me to complete. There is an option for you to use my hourly rate or to purchase a Not-To-Exceed Package that will offer you some savings.

We will discuss your needs for Kajabi and mutually agree on the work and the cost to move forward. A proposal will be provided and a contract will be signed by both parties. 


Rates Vary

If you feel you need something more